How to Draw an Eagle

January 24th, 2011

How to Draw an Eagle

Eagles are beautiful majestic birds that leaves all who see one in awe. The eagle is a trademark or mascot bird for many states, and they are also used as signature figures for emblems. This step by step tutorial is going to show you how to draw an eagle in a real simple way. As you can see the lesson perfectly captures how we perceive eagles to be when they are in flight as they soar through the skies. One of the more recognizable types of eagles is the Bald Eagle, but in total there is about sixty different types of eagle species. When attempting to draw an eagle, you have to be sure to remain patient because since this is a highly detailed bird, one can become quite frustrated very quickly. The best thing to keep in mind, is to say to yourself “when I’m done I will be able to draw an eagle”. The best part about this tutorial, is the fact you will be drawing the bird as it is in flight. All you have to do is follow the steps, and when you’re done color it in. The lesson was provided by, and you can go to the actual tutorial and read the artist comments and even tutorial steps. Have fun, and be sure to practice drawing birds because as you know, practice make perfect.

How to Draw an Eaglehow to draw an eagle

how to draw an eaglehow to draw an eagle

how to draw an eagle

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